Re: Subsys locked error!


Don't panic!!

This particular error is related with method used by many programs to make sure only one copy is running. It's quite simple. The program refuses to run if a special file (called 'lock file') exists. The file is created by a program when it starts and should be removed when it exits. Sometimes, when there's a crash or reset it's not deleted and you get such errors..

The solution is to remove the file manually. Where is it? Look into /var/lock. Directly inside (or in subsys/ directory) there should be a file named 'httpd' or 'apache'./nfs/ vsftpd Remove it. Try to run it again, it should start..

YEah! you are right, it does not happen usually due to some config changes, may be some crash or reset in service. just find it, why it is happening, if it is happening quite often.!

~ Regards
Debajit Kataki

On Thu, 25 Oct 2007 joshua Goldberg wrote :
Hi All,I am trying to restart my service (vsftpd) but i am getting this subsys locked error and it doesnot start up. I have no idea what to do. Also FYI, i have not made any new changes to the config file. Could anyone plz suggest whats happening here.Thanks in advance..RegardsJoshua
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