Re: Novice question about laptops and wireless

Virden, Larry W. wrote:
I unfortunately don't have the laptop model with me right now, nor the
model of the wireless card - two really good pieces of information that
I should have gotten before I posted. I apologize.

As for what I mean by old - the laptop is 7 or more years old, I'd
hazard a guess.

How can I tell between RH and RHEL?

cat /etc/redhat-release should tell you.

FWIW, redhat 4 (if i recall correctly) was one of the first releases back in the early 90's, it is unlikely you have this version, but if you do, it would be a really good idea to update it to something either from the fedora project or from one of the redhat derivatives (or go with ubuntu or something newer at least :-) )

As someone else pointed out, you should have no problem running a reasonably cut back version of any flavour of linux on the hardware you have, just dont expect to be able to enable all the flashy whizzbang effects like rotating desktops and earthquake squiggles around windows.

The advantage of doing such an update means that it will probably auto detect your wifi card, install the right drivers and setup a nice wee 'would you like to connect to one of the 329874982374 wifi access points i just found' applet to make your life easier, as well as having an updated web browser and a nice shiny new tcl for you to whack scripts out in :-)



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