RE: SSH without inputing password

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You could use expect.
Here is an article on it...

first, thanks for all replies.
but, expect is also not what I wanted.
why? because expect can't let you stay in remote host for long time.

for example, you say something like this in an expect script:

spawn ssh username@xxxxxxxxxxx
expect -exact "username@xxxxxxxxxxx's passwd: "
send -- "password\r"

when you run the script, you do can login to the remote host
But, you can't do anything.
Even you input an "enter", you will get exited automatically.
I don't know why, but this is the fact.

generally expect do some automatical tasks, but not keep a persistent ssh

This is what expect can do:

1> logins into a machine
2> executes a program
3> logs out of the machine

But what I wanted is:

1> ssh remote_host
2> input password automatically for me
3> let me login into it successfully and stay there

Do you know me? Thank you.


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