Re: nedit not part of RHEL5?

Yes, Eclipse is overkill, especially for Perl. But, it has some nice features and keeps my projects in order.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Ryan Golhar wrote:
Thanks. All my RHEL3 machines have Nedit. Maybe its from a subchannel that they are subscribed to. I'll have to check that under RHEL5.

Isn't eclipse overkill for a simple GUI text editor? I always equated Nedit on Linux to TextPad on Windows.

Andrew Bacchi wrote:
I too am a long time Nedit user, and I really like the program. I don't recall seeing it in RH 3 or RH 4. I've downloaded the source file from and built it on those systems. I tried building it on Fedora, but there are some libraries that are missing and so I haven't had any luck so far.

The Nedit source has not been updated in ages, 2004, and I don't know if it will be maintained for newer Linux versions. Too bad, I really liked it. I think I've already said that. Anyway, there are many other editors that you could substitute. I've started using Eclipse on RH 4 and Fedora, as my programming editor.

Here's the link to the web site for the Nedit download.

Ryan Golhar wrote:
I just noticed that I can't find nedit on RHN for RHEL5. Has nedit been removed?

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