Re: Windows and RH

I did find some answers on the web. has some software easybcd which will enable you to change the bootloader of Vista to enable booting
into linux.

In case you didn't save a copy of grub.conf before the Windows installation, there is a program ext2ifs that allows you to
mount ext2/ext3 partitions on Windows.

These notes are from a web page by James Bannan, June 2008.

When I went to mount the ext3 partition of RedHat to get a copy of grub.conf, I found
that between the students and my colleague, there were two copies of Vista installed on the system and no RedHat.

In one sense the problem I was having has been solved.

However, I still get to talk to my enduser.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try out the easybcd.
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I have a user who installed RH on the first disk in a system. They then switch the first and second disk. Windows was then installed on the "new" first disk.

How do I fix the boot sequence so that both systems are accessible without re-installing RedHat?

I am not sure you gave enough information for anyone to help with this request.

Is the original disk (with Red Hat now the first disk again)? If so, what is the boot loader you are using on that disk.

Is the windows disk the first disk, and you want the Red Hat disk to be the second disk?

Without more information it is doubtful you will get an accurate response.
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