Re: IBM server slows down

Pankaj Batra wrote:
Hi Techies.

We have RHEL4 installed on Xeon based IBM servers x series with 1GB RAM and
36GB*4 SCSI with RAID5 configured. And clients connect server thru telnet
session. After 7-8 hours of working server seem to slow in response and over
all working slows down. Please note TIBCO also works here for updations.We
have to restart the server in order to make the working faster.

Is there anyway in which :- 1.We don have to restart and refresh all the
processes or memory ? 2.How many telnet connection(maximum) can be made on
the server at a time? 3.Is there any way to close 6 consoles including
graphical and only one console works with networking ?

Please do reply..

Well, first question: how many telnet sessions? And, while we're at it, why
haven't you forced them to ssh from telnet? It's a pretty transparent change.


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