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There's no such thing as a quick Perl question. :)

Your declaration looks wrong to me. I don't know what the ":DEFAULT" means in your declaration, but I don't see it in the documentation on CPAN.

Try declaring it the way the docs suggest.
If you prefer not to import these routines into your namespace, you can call them as:

use HTML::Entities ();
$decoded = HTML::Entities::decode($a);
$encoded = HTML::Entities::encode($a);
$encoded = HTML::Entities::encode_numeric($a);

Here's the link at CPAN to the usage.

m.roth2006@xxxxxxx wrote:
A quick perl question: I've got this script I found, and I'm trying to run. It required me to install XML::RSS. Now, when I try to run it, it complains "encode_entities_numeric" is not exported by the HTML::Entities module
Can't continue after import errors at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/XML/ line 5
So, I do what the docs say, I think, in adding a line to my script of
use HTML::Entities qw(:DEFAULT encode_entities_numeric);

and now I get just
"encode_entities_numeric" is not exported by the HTML::Entities module
as my script gags when I put that as the first use statement.

Where the blazes am I supposed to put that use statement, in the HTML::Entities? In the XML::RSS?


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