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Jose R R wrote:
On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 7:52 AM, Paul M. Whitney <paul.whitney@xxxxxxx>
wrote: [...]
I also use this technology at work with VMWare Infrastructure 3. Very
powerful. There are other options in the market today such as Xen (Red
Hat), Citrix, and even Windows Hypervisor. But they all seem to be playing
catchup to VMWare's capability. [...]

"seem" is not an objective statement and it simply narrows the vision and
scope of virtualization. The multiple iterations of Xen into so many
different vendors' implementations, like Red Hat and Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu,
Novell's SuSE and OpenSuSE, Oracle's OVS, Sun Microsystems xVM, simply shows
that, in the long run, Xen has the most potential for a truly connected
multi-vendor infrastructure to The Cloud.

That may be the case, but I'm *jobhunting*, and what everyone (>90%) want is


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