Re: use of quad core computers

Rocks is a good distro, based on the redhat distro, although a separate one. The RHEL 5 OS is OK with quad core procs. How does it make use of them depends on the problem. If your problem is trivially parallel (its data set can be broken down into discrete chuncks), then you can run each chunk in a processor making use of CPU affinity (man taskset).

If your problem requires real parallelization, then yes, you need to install things like MPI. As far as I know, you are right. MPI does not come with RHEL, but you can easily download and compile it. We are using this one with RHEL 4, 5 and Fedora boxes:

So, your investigators need to tell you a little bit more about the task at hand. The beauty of platforms like ROCKS is that they have all these things pre-setup for you. The bad thing is that you might need to install from scratch overwriting RHEL, if virtualization won't do the trick in your box(es).

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Margaret Doll wrote:
How does the RedHat operating system make use of quad core computers?

I believe that MPI does not come with RedHat. If my investigators wanted to run/test parallel jobs on the quad core computer, would I have to install something like Rocks with RedHat?

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