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"a dns master server will not send any notifications to slaves."

Sorry NAJU this is absolutely wrong.
BIND Servers by default DO send NOTIFY primitives to all slaves NameServers listed as NS records for a zone, whenever the zone is loaded or reloaded with a higher serial number.
The NOTIFY message will trigger the slave to send an SOA request to the Master, and an XFER will start if the serial number is higher. In effect it shortcuts the refresh time countdown. This behavior can be turned off with the 'notify no' directive in named.conf.

Microsoft DNS servers may not notify by default, but this behavior can be enabled. Here is a Wuote from a very reliable source describing this:

"There's actually a window the administrators of your Microsoft DNS Servers should check to make sure they've configured NOTIFY correctly. They need to highlight the domain name of a zone in the admin interface, select Action->Properties, then choose the Zone Transfers tab of the zone properties window. Then select the Notify... button and make sure :Automatically notify:" is checked. If it's checked, either "Servers listed on the Name Servers tab" should be checked, and the name server you want notified should be listed on that tab, or "The following servers" should be checked, and your name server's IP address should be listed, along with the others you want notified, in the list box below."

This can be found here:

AFAIK I hope this answers your question.


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AFAIK, a dns master server will not send any notifications to slaves. A slave server lookup for an updated zone data according to it's refresh time ( mentioned in SOA). When a slave contacts master for a zone data, it first ask for the serial number on the data, if the slave's serial number for this zone is lower than the master's, then slave's zone data is out of date. So slave pulls a new copy of zone( an AXFR transfer).

Whenever you update the master's database, you should bumb the serial number as well.

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 1:23 AM, Giuseppe Fuggiano < giuseppe.fuggiano@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all.

Given two DNS servers, one master and one slave, I'd like to
understand what exactly happens when I update the database of the
first one.

What I know is that the first one, if properly configured, sends a
NOTIFY message to its slave and the slave replies. What happens then?
How the slave update its database?

Good links are also welcome. Thanks.

Giuseppe Fuggiano

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