Re: RHEL5 and Sun Java

Hugh E Cruickshank wrote:
From: Cameron Simpson Sent: March 20, 2009 18:47
On 20Mar2009 16:32, Hugh E Cruickshank <hugh@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| It appears to install fine until I get to the point where I am | supposed to install the Firefox (version 3.0.7) plugin. The target
| directory for (/usr/lib/firefox-3.0.7/plugins)
| did not exist so I created it and installed the symlink

Have you checked that the symlink resolves?

ls -ldL /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.7/plugins/

Bingo! I had the symlink pointing to itself. After the number of times
that I have done this to myself you would think I would have learned
by now to watch out for this but no, it seems I am doomed to repeat
this over and over again. Arghhhhh!

Anyway I removed the faulty symlink and created the correct one in the
/usr/lib/firefox-3.0.7/plugins/ directory and everything works fine
now (the Java Console shows up on the Tools menu and Firefox passes
the web test). Now to document the whole process to make sure
I can repeat it.

Thanks for your help!

Regards, Hugh

Of course, you could have just taken the easy option and installed the java-1.6.0-sun- package from RHN...

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