Re: Good choice for Laser color printers for RHEL 5 CUPS

George Magklaras wrote:
Hi folks,

We centralize our printing facilities using the RHEL 5 CUPS system (the
default version that RHEL wears, not the most recent one) and we
generally find it OK. We are mainly an HP print shop, having success
with the 4### Laserjet series on b&w and we used for the last 5 years
the 4600DN for color laser printing. Obviously, we need to start
replacing them, as they start showing their age and hence the question:
What's your suggestion for selecting good laser printers, fully
compatible with the RHEL 5 CUPS system (I have looked at the drivers and
HCL lists, but I am after opinions from people who use them). Any
opinions about non HP printers that meet those criteria are also welcome.

PS: The recommended monthly output of the 4600 DN was approx. 85000
pages. We would like to keep that as a targer as our folks print a lot.


look at the hp clj cp3525dn, have one working at a customer's where el5 is running as the print server, they too still have some 4600dn printers running

brother hl4070dn is also one model we have used in the past with el5 print server

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