Re: Default params for quorumdisk

thanks for your answer. The first link is really usefull for me.

In short my problem is that when I unplug the network cable of the service
interface of one of the node, the two nodes halts. I have looking for an
explanation and I get this:

"CMAN keeps track of cluster quorum by monitoring the count of cluster
nodes. If more than half the nodes are active, the cluster has quorum. If
half the nodes (or fewer) are active, the cluster does not have quorum, and
all cluster activity is stopped."

With a two nodes cluster it seams that it one fails, then the cluster hasn´t
quorum and the cluster stops.

So I decide to use quorum disk to see if this solve my problem, but I´m not
sure if this is the problem,



2009/5/26 Schaffrath, Rene <Rene.Schaffrath@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I'm definitely no fan of the RHEL Cluster Suite, so I'll keep it short:

must read if you use multipathing (timings):

You probably know it already:

Perhaps we can help you more if you told us what your problems are.
I've gone through hell searching for problems in our 2-node cluster and we
even booked a Red Hat consultant to solve our problems. But still there are
some issues which give me a headache. Make sure you have installed the
latest patches - there have been some terrible bugs in RHEL 5 Cluster.


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Hi all,

I have my problematic 2 nodes cluster and I want to test if
using quorum
disk helps me with my problem.

I´m using luci to setup the quorumdisk and It ask for a lot of params..
As doc reference I use
but there is not explanation about the default params,

for example,
Interval - The frequency of read/write cycles, in seconds. I
have not idea
what to say to that. Which is the default and how can I answer it?

The same with most of the params


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