Re: CentOS and wireless, oh my

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On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 6:28 PM, <m.roth@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So, at home, I'm finally going up from opensuse 10.3 to CentOS 5.3. With
opensuse 10.3, two years old, yast had utterly no trouble configuring my
wireless card, with the madwifi driver, and handling WPA.

Clues for the incredibly irritated?

Well, only a suggestion.  You may want to dual boot with Fedora 11
--being bleeding edge,it may recognize appropriately (and provide

When I go home from working as a sysadmin, I do NOT want to debug the o/s.

...Reiterating there are Debian, Ubuntu, or even Fedora 11
distributions provide better support. You could have upgraded SuSE to
the newer version, as well.

I never went to fedora when RedHat went to that and RHEL.

That is purely subjective. Inanimate objects -as hardware- or human
creations -as software- are in the irrational realm.

support for) your wireless card.  Subsequently you may use the

Why should I need bleeding edge?

1) Possibly better routines to identify your hardware and provide
appropriate network configuration parameters?

2) Accumulation of wireless drivers in that distribution like [...]
that you are searching for???


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