Re: something like pfsense or ebox


Let's clarify here, are you wanting something to control your
firewall/proxy/router or to BE your firewall/proxy/router?

The perfect thing I´m looking for is an application to mount over my RHEL
that does all the things that pfsense or ebox do.

if this is not possible I´ll use a distro to control the equipment.

If you only want to control some existing equipment you have, you can go
with any distro you like, although pfsense has the ability to be booted
from a CD and use a USB key for any data storage needs (i.e.: more or
less diskless and unalterable by the "bad guys"). I don't know about
ebox so I can't say much.

If you want something to be those things, you are probably better off
going with pfsense (or ebox if that suits you better) as it will require
less work on your part to configure, secure, etc. Make the USB key, SD
card, whatever if you need it for configuration data, and you're done.
Plus you don't need as much hardware (the only drive is the optical one,
unless you view USB keys as drives which some do).

Just remember that pfsense is not Linux, it is FreeBSD, so some things
may not work identically to how you would do them on RHEL. That said,
you may never need to use anything but the pfsense GUI.

I´ll try pfsense a try with a virtual machine to see if this really what I






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