Re: I can´t see my disks on /dev

ESGLinux wrote:
Hi All,

I have a RHEL server and I have a strange problem with my disks.

First I have two disks in RAID1 (hardware). I see the raid device as

I have plugged two new disks but I don´t have made a RAID with them. If I
reboot the machine I see the four disks detected but I don´t get a device
asociated to the new disks.
If I make dmesg I see the four disks, but if I make fdisk -l I only see

Why can´t I see the new disks?
Ah, right. Let me guess: a PERC controller, or some hardware HBA? Are all
of the drives on the HBA bus? Based on my recent experience with Dell
boxen with PERC (6 and 7) controllers, you cannot see a drive until you
create it at least as a virtual drive of RAID 0.



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