Re: Windows to Linux File Transfer (Automatically)

pscp or psftp do not support "ASCII" mode transfer which is available in ftp
- this was a shortcoming I faced when transferring files between Windows &
Unix boxes. pscp/psftp doesn't support "APPEND" mode too while ftp does.

Having said that ftp does not transfer data as securely as 'scp' or 'sftp'

winscp supports "ASCII" though & I think if you're transferring a whole
subdirectory of files, winscp will detect which file to be transferred in
ASCII & which in Binary.


On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 2:17 AM, Aaron Bliss <abliss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You may find using winscp or pscp (XP machine client) helpful. We use both
to transfer data frequently, as the clients support private/public keys and
there own scripting language.


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