Re: SELinux + pam_ldap + sudo

sub@xxxxxxx wrote:
Le 17/02/2011 15:22, Marti, Robert a écrit :
That doesn't seem like SELinux is interfering, it seems like an
issue contacting the ldap server. If it was an SELinux issue there
would be avc denials in /var/log/messages and Permissive mode would
not block anything.

As I said in my first message : "pam_ldap is correctly configured : I
can perform an authentication on a ssh connection".

Um, could it be that ldap is configured correctly for ssh, but not for
something else.
I really think that's a SELinux issue misreporting an LDAP problem... I
had the same problem with a fresh install of RHEL6 and SELinux activated
: I could not make Kerberos/SSH keyts to work.

Are there any AVC's related to the LDAP error?


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