Re: Help Needed: My RHEL5 box suddenly stopped accepting e-mails

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply.

I had saved off /etc/mail when we first got email working properly on my
system (a couple of years ago) and I compared the current to the
"known good" copy. The only difference I see is that IT has uncommented the
following line:

O Timeout.ident=0

With respect to, the version currently used by the system had
the following lines commented out:





I'm not too experienced with sendmail, but it doesn't appear to me as if the
changes above would result in the problem I am having; does it?




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check your /etc/ and .mc files. by default the rhel
sendmail is set to only accept localhost mail. a modified has to have been put in place to change this, so if this
reverted to the default that would account for what you are seeing.

- Richard

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client release 5.6 (Tikanga)

This last Thu morning (05.05.2011) my RHEL5 suddenly stopped
accepting e-mails from other than itself. I don't know if the
following is related, but the following updates were done around
the time of the problem starting:

------------------------------ Delimiter BEGIN
-------------------------------- May 05 08:28:43 Updated:
May 05 08:28:44 Updated: 1:autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.143.el5_6.2.x86_64
May 05 08:28:45 Updated: xmlsec1-1.2.9-8.1.2.i386
May 05 08:28:46 Updated: xmlsec1-devel-1.2.9-8.1.2.i386
May 05 08:28:46 Updated: xmlsec1-devel-1.2.9-8.1.2.x86_64
------------------------------- Delimiter END

I have since downgraded those packages, but it hasn't helped. My
IT department has checked various things and they say everything
looks okay--but there is no explanation for why my system won't
accept e-mail.

I can watch the network traffic via tcpdump and send myself an
e-mail from our exchange server and I see my system and the
exchange server exchanging packets; but my system apparently is
not accepting the e-mail. And exchange will eventually send a
"Delivery Delayed" message.

If I can't get this resolved I will be forced to use Outlook :(

Any assistance would be *greatly* appreciated.



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