Re: How to configure sshd to automatically do port forwarding

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 23:19, Allen, Jack <Jack.Allen@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

       I have an Application needs to connect to other systems, login
run an Application and then transfer data to the other Application. This
has been working via a program I wrote years ago called ptsd (Pseudo
Terminal Server). Basically the ptsd program listens on a local port
( 20000). The Application open a connection to it and then ptsd
prompts for some information and then makes a telnet connection to the
other system and then just becomes a pipe, but handling the telnet
protocol on one side of it.

You can accomplish this using a config file in the _client_ host, ie:

user@client ~ # cat .ssh/config
Host remotehost
Localforward 20000 localhost:20000

# ssh remotehost
(connect to port 20000 on clienthost and your connections will be crypted :-))


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