Re: WINE crossover to run winscp for ASCII mode files transfer

It's probably simpler to just go to RPMForge, install their rpmforge-release
RPM and then do "yum install wine".  But again, for this purpose I don't
think you need to.
My Linux box doesn't have access to Internet, thus I can't do "yum".
So I'll still need the WINE rpm (with its dependent packages) &
use "rpm -i ..." to install


This is what I don't understand.  Why not just use the OpenSSH SCP/SFTP
stuff which is almost certainly already installed to copy this file over
from wherever?  Then all you need is to set up SSH keys and have a script
similar to:
I have an RHES 4.x box with ssh/sftp/scp client & I need to do ASCII mode
files transfer to/from a remote Windows Openssh server (customer-owned)..
Honestly I don't understand why management doesn't allow me to touch
the original datafile; not even make a copy of the datafile, convert & then
send it over to the remote Windows server; & on the remote Windows server,
there's checksum files which I'll need to get over in ASCII but not allowed to
ssh into the server.

Can you explain why you have to use WinSCP?
WinScp supports both binary & Ascii mode files transfer but I'm not
sure if it does this at command line prompt (ie winscp /script=file ...)

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