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On 12/7/2011 10:02 AM, Daniel Tate wrote:
We have the need to roll out many servers in a short amount of time,
each with about 8 additional, server specific tools on it. What
would be the simplest way to do this? Kickstart would be OK, but if
there's something a LITTLE faster but not so complicated it would take
a week to learn, that would be preferable. We're going to have 4
configs - RHEL5 32 and 64 bit (Vendor Reqs)

I do not think that vmware is the correct tool for this

you can setup a template driven image library and then deploy them based
on preconditions. but not using vmware,

with vmware you can clone your golden image, but thats about it.

We've recently started using VMWare's LabManager and this allows the creation of templates with a customization script that's run automatically after the template is deployed.

In our test environment I use the post install script to register the machines automatically to our satellite.

Another approach would be similar to what mark suggested: build a minimal server with kickstart but then install whatever else is needed through different channels, custom built RPM packages with deps to whatever you need installed etc.

Or - but unless you have something set up already this won't fit your time requirements - use a tool like cfengine.



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