Re: [SLE] Is SCO damaging SuSE's business?

From: Anders Karlsson (
Date: 07/23/03

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    Date: 23 Jul 2003 15:24:20 +0100

    On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 14:44, James Ogley wrote:
    > > If so, when is SuSE going to wake up (along with IBM, etc.) and do
    > > something? I'm starting to think a switch to FreeBSD might not be such a
    > > bad idea after all, if only to ensure I'm not involved in a legal tangle
    > > as an end-user.
    > And then they've already won!
    > Sorry, the whole thing's a scam, they're punting to get whatever cash
    > they can out of people.

    I second that.

    There are plenty of things odd about the whole thing. Like all the share
    dealings in SCO just before they announced that they were going to go
    after IBM regarding Linux. Interestingly the share price trebled when
    the news broke. It has since been petering out down-wards again, but is
    still a lot higher than before the lawsuit started.

    The whole thing is about SCO wanting to make money, and they don't care
    who the screw to get it. If they could make piles of cash by using
    little kids in sweatshops in the far east, oh wait, that is Nike.

    From what was discussed on the LKML recently, SCO demanded trial by jury
    rather than by judge because they think it will give them bigger chance
    to win the trial. What SCO has not realised is that IF they now win, the
    win only affects the US, nowhere else in the world. The withdrew their
    complaints in both Canada and Germany after the courts were a lot less
    favourable toward them there. That if anything should tell people that
    this is not something to lose sleep over.

    I am for one not going to give up on Linux. If SCO wins against IBM,
    they would still have to take me to court and win, to make me give up on
    Linux. The more people that take this stance, the less the risk that SCO
    would ever try it.


    Anders Karlsson <>
    Trudheim Technology Limited

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