Re: [SLE] Linux on Compaq Proliant 1600

From: pheonix1t (
Date: 08/04/03

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    Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 12:20:03 -0500
    To: Stuart Powell <>

    Stuart Powell wrote:

    > Hello, everyone.
    > I am having trouble getting a recent Linux distro to install on a
    > Compaq Proliant 1600. It has 2xPIII-500/512MB/SA221/3x9GB/RAID5. My
    > ultimate goal is to install Mandrake 9.1 on it, as that is what the
    > developers for Qmail-Toaster recommend.
    > I have done a search for this problem, and have found that older
    > Linices seem to be OK on this platform, but newer versions seem prone to
    > failures during installation. So far, I have tried RedHat7.2, which
    > worked just fine, and SuSE8.0, SuSE8.2 and Mandrake9.1, all of which
    > fail. I am willing to try SuSE7.3, but would like a newer distro if
    > possible. Does anyone know for certain why these newer distros seem to
    > be incompatible with the Proliant 1600 when the older distros appear to
    > work OK ?
    > Thanks,
    > Stuart.
    are u using the smartstart CD for installation? This makes it so much

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