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From: Franklin Maurer (
Date: 09/07/03

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    Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 12:10:20 -0400

    Sorry I had to forward this but I was studying for an excel test i need to
    take for a support position and I had to mail a spreadsheet to myself.

    On Sunday 07 September 2003 12:11 am, Franklin Maurer wrote:
    BandiPat wrote today ...
    >For the agp, Franklin, add this to your XF86Config file located in your
    >/etc/X11 directory. These lines go under the Section "Device" heading.
    > Option "AGPmode" "4"
    > Option "accel"
    >Add them just as they appear here and that should kick your AGP 4x into

    I added this. No improvement, no crash.
    I did notice that I had Option "CRTOnly" as well. Is this supposed to be
    I have an old crt monitor.

    > The 3D module for the ATI drivers will have to be compiled per
    >the instructions included, as I had to do on my k_athlon kernel.
    >Everything is the same, no matter what kernel. But remember, if you
    >change kernels, those files compiled against your old kernel will not

    This is where it gets hazy. I don't think I've compiled anything. I tend to
    stay with rpms.
    Do I only need to follow the make modules section? ...

     Perform the following steps:
          - get the matching Linux kernel source
          - run "make distclean"
          - setup that kernel source with the config file matching your kernel

            Huh? How?

          - run "make dep" on the kernel source tree
          - go to "/lib/module/fglrx/build_mod" and enter "./"
          - go to "/lib/module/fglrx" and enter "./"

      Enter /lib/module/fglrx/build_mod and enter (as root) "./".
      Thus you will create a new customer-specific kernel module.
      If the creation fails, look up for the reason in the
      shell and in the related logfile "make.log".

    Or do I follow these ...

     If your kernel was built by your Linux distribution and supplied as binary:
      - Get the related source RPM file
      - Extract the matching configuration settings contained there.
        (RedHat Linux files may reside in the subdir "configs".
        SuSE Linux: find the files in the SRPMs.
        Latest SuSE versions will present /proc/config.gz for the running kernel.)
      - Set up your kernel source with these settings:
        (1) copy the config file to /usr/src/linux<your-extension>/.config
            (For SuSE config.gz first apply "gunzip config.gz" at a temp
        (2) run "make oldconfig" for exact importing
      - Run "make dependencies" ("make dep").

    Or do I do both?
    Sorry it's my first(well hopefully first successful) attempt at doing anything
    with my kernel.

    Franklin Maurer
    Using SuSE 8.2 Pro
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