Re: [SLE] upgrading aaa_base and k_deflt ...

From: Sid Boyce (
Date: 09/14/03

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    Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 19:22:14 +0100
    To: Anders Karlsson <>

            I have a problem where kdm bombs out and restarts if I try logging in
    as a user, there is no noticeable error in any log either.
    I reckoned this was after upgrading to the Kraxel aaa_base package. I
    upgraded --oldpackage to the version on the DVD, but still have the
    problem. I can login as root from KDM or login as a user by "xterm -e
    login user &", I'm quite baffled.

    Anders Karlsson wrote:
    > On Sat, 2003-09-13 at 03:13, Thinker wrote:
    >>Synaptic is showing me an update for aaa_base (from 2003.3.18-2 to
    >>2003.8.16-0). When I tell it to update I get the message that this will
    >>require the removal of k_deflt. When I look at the description for
    >>k_deflt it says (Installed verson 2.4.20-62 Available version 2.4.20-100
    >>Description... the standard kernel.
    > Got a few words for you - Don't Do It! The updated aaa_base package
    > lacks mkinitrd, and grabbing the mkinitrd package will not help. The
    > initrd's you get after doing this update will not boot. They lack mount,
    > umount etc. and even if you manage to get those commands onto the
    > initrd, the initrd still is screwed because it doesn't load the lvm
    > module (if you are using LVM that is).
    >>Seems pretty scary to me. I suppose the question is.. is this something
    >>I should mess with? Should I upgrade k_deflt before attempting to
    >>upgrade aaa_base? Is there a special procedure for this?
    > It should not need to mess about with your k_deflt, that is for sure.
    > Regards,

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