[SLE] SuSe 8.2 and NVidia Geforce FX5600

From: Bruce Barrera (suse_at_opengl.com.br)
Date: 09/30/03

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    Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 00:55:28 -0300
    To: suse-linux-e@suse.com

    Hi folks,

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Bruce and I'm new here and came looking for help. For days I seek a solution to a problem with my new vid card, a MSI Geforce FX5600. I changed my vid card and my mobo (to a VIA KT400 based one) and reinstalled SuSE 8.2 (my preferred Linux box).

    Everything in instalation went fine, I setup the system and get going. The 'nv' default driver was selected was yes, all went sooo fine. Until I decided to enable 3D acceleration. I need it. I work with openGL so without 3D accel, the OS has no meaning to me. Downloaded last Nvidia drivers 44.96 and went to runlevel 3, ran the installer and okay, every thing went fine again! Edited the XF86config file and switched from 'nv' to 'nvidia'. I thought: "SuSE is great! All the installations procedures went so easy, how it could be that still have people who says that Linux sucks, that Linux is hard, blabalbal". I was convinced myself that everything in life is easy when you are using a great Operating System. I was wrong. My hell just started. I wrote 'startx' at the console, relaxed at my confortable chair, put my hands at my head and waited. Waited a looong time. Ooops I forgot to press ENTER =) Just kidding...the screen was black with a little garbage at the bottom. I thought "W
     ell, it must be configuring himself lets wait more" and I'm just waiting till today (it has been 5 days) =)

    I tried to update the kernel with YOU (to 2.4.20-100) and nope. Tried to put NVAGP option set to zero in device section of XF86config. Nope. Tried to downgrade driver to 44.63 version. Nope. Played with all the options of Sax2. Nope. Tried to enabled 3D with Sax2 and manually. Nope. Tried to go to some exorcism sessions and nope too =)

    What could be wrong? Does SuSE doesn't support FX family at all? Does SuSE linux lacks support to new VIA KT400 chipset? Or it is Nvidia's fault? Or it is me that is a jerky and don't know to to do a simple 'new vid card setup' ? =)

    The odd thing with Sax2 was that he detected my vid card as a 'unknow 0x0312' graphics card. Searching the web I found that 0x0312 id the hardware id for FX5600 cards...but why does he has the Geforce FX5800 in his list and mine that is a step later he does not? Why? the best thing I got was to see Nvidias logo when I forced Sax2 to configure the system as it has a FX5800. The system crashed one moment later.

    Resuming: System boots fine, I see SuSE logo and progress bar. X seems to start loading, but screen goes black and system hangs. If I boot at runlevel 3, everything is fine. If I use nv default driver, yes it rocks! No 3D accel tough.

    Maybe I can upgrade to latest kernel? Is there a rpm with 2.4.22 kernel for SuSE 8.2? If so where do I find it (already searched at google, I promise) =) It is worth upgrading to 2.6 version? If so how do I do it? (never upgraded a kernel other way than from rpms)

    Any other suggestions?

    Thansk for your time...hope the mail was sufficient funny for you to read it all! =)

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