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From: Bruce Marshall (
Date: 12/04/03

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    To: SLE <>
    Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 09:44:58 -0500

    On Wed December 3 2003 10:38 pm, Donn aka n5xwb Washburn wrote:
    > Bill Wisse wrote:
    > > Hi
    > >
    > > I had ( and maybe have) a problem with the time on my SuSE 9.0 box.
    > > The time is just wrong and I cannot change it ( it won't accept my
    > > changes). Went to the data base for assistance and found an article
    > >
    > > Did what was suggested , the time changed ( don't know yet what it will
    > > be after a reboot).
    > > However there is one sentence in this art. what sort of puzzles me :
    > >
    > > In order to maintain the time as precise as possible, this procedure
    > > shall be repeated several times the week after at the soonest.
    > >
    > > Any Idea?
    > I have had the same problem with SuSE 9.0. It seems that no matter I how I
    > set "localtime" and set the time via netdate on the internet at bootup it
    > always goes to UTC time. So, if I reboot several times the "date" becomes
    > days behind.
    > I have wriiten SuSE's Support about this issue and NO HELP! And this may
    > be my last SuSE version. On 9.0 I have had more problems than on any other
    > SuSE distros. Like "time" and my Palm device not being seen. However,
    > hwinfo, /proc and "lsusb" does see it
    > I did dig around in /etc/init.d and found the problem (at least I think so)
    > in /etc/init.d/boot.clock (as I remember). It was a problem with "date -u"

    Have none of you ever heard of NTP? I set my watch by my computer whereas I
    used to use WWV....

    NTP is very easy to set up on SUSE. If you want my /etc/ntp.conf file I'll
    be glad to send it. That's the only thing you need to change once ntpd is

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