Re: [SLE] Can't find NT Box and Printer with YaST - update

From: Paul Penrod (
Date: 02/20/04

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    First, a very big thank you for the help you and Marshall have provided
    thus far. The box
    in question I am working with is about 1000 miles away from me at the
    moment, so much
    of the information I have gleaned has been by phone and e-mail as folks in
    CA are helping
    me work though the problem.

    I wanted to take the time to apply your suggestions and advice before
    coming back to the
    forum with my results. I was hoping to come back with an "it works"
    statement and some
    details on how.

    Unfortunately, I have not made progress on that front, except that I have
    more data that I
    can submit for consideration.

    First attempt of the day involved clearing out samba, removing all print
    configurations from
    the SuSE box, and starting from a clean slate. Using smbclient, we pinged
    the NT box
    with both the netbios name and the IP address to see what we would get
    back. The NT
    box responded the same way each time showing all shared resources,
    including the
    printer shares labeled HP6MP (postscript driver) and HP6MP-PCL.

    Next we setup a simple share with SAMBA and attempted to copy a file from
    the NT box
    to the share. The shared directory BTW was left full open (777) so there
    were no permission
    issues, at least from the file system, to get in the way. In SAMBA we set
    the netmask to
    0x111 so that we would have full read/write to the share, made the share
    Available, Browseable
    , Printable to FALSE, Read Only to FALSE, and set Guest OK to TRUE.

    We invoked the Network Neighborhood and found the SuSE box, then the shared
    After opening the directory, we attempted to copy a file from the NT box to
    the new share.
    The copy failed for "Access Denied". We tried several different ways to
    convince the file to
    copy to the SuSE box, including destroying and re-creating the share,
    resetting permissions,
    forcing SAMBA to restart, etc.

    Nothing worked until, out of a whim, we rebooted the NT box, and viola! The
    share was not
    only visible but would accept the copy as well. Evidently, NT does a lousy
    job of updating
    it's network connections when things change.

    Armed with that observation, we started two copies of Konquerer and
    attempted to go the
    other direction by copying a file from SuSE to the NT box. The first window
    we pointed it
    at smb://ROSES/brandy and found our data drive (D:). Then we successfully
    copied a file
    to the D: drive on the NT box and copied back again to SuSE.

    Next we attempted to use YaST / Hardware / Printer to configure an SMB
    The Host lookup did not show the NT box, so we entered in the IP address
    Lookup on the queues returned nothing as well, so we entered the share name
    in the hopes that it might get through anyway. Press the TEST button
    returned an error
    "Connection to ROSES failed!".

    Next we tried to establish an IPP connection with URI. We used the entry,
    the test did not
    prove successful. We also tried multiple combinations with CUPS to see if
    any of them
    would work. No joy.

    The person helping me with the test did not want to switch the printer
    cable to the SuSE
    box, as the NT box is stuffed into a cabinet that would require about 45
    minutes of work
    to extricate and swap things around (very crowded). So, it appears the
    NT->Linux Printer
    Server option is not available to me at the moment.

    One final test we ran was with a Fedora Core machine. It found the printer
    and printed
    right to it with no hassles at all. Out of curiosity I went poking around
    to see what might
    be different about Fedora vs SuSE 9.0 in regards to SAMBA. It appears that
    Fedora is
    running SAMBA 3.0.2 while SuSE 9.0 is running 2.2.8a. I did not see
    anything in the
    release notes that would explain why SuSE should be having a hard time, but
    though it
    would be worth mentioning.

    Again, thanks in advance for you help and suggestions.


    At 12:40 PM 2/17/2004, Paul W. Abrahams wrote:
    >On Tuesday 17 February 2004 2:30 pm, Paul Penrod wrote:
    > >
    > > First, I need to apologize for some bad information. smbclient DOES see
    > > the NT box.
    >I'll simply repost something I posted a while ago, which may get you through
    >There are two separate configuration challenges: Windows client/Linux server,
    >and Linux client/Windows server. To keep things straight, the server machine
    >is the one that has the printer and the client machine is the one that wants
    >to print something. I'm working with Windows ME, but I assume that most of
    >this works for other Wins also.
    >Linux client is the easier case, assuming that the Windows printer is working
    >correctly within Windows. On the Windows side, you have to bring it up in
    >Control Panel and give it a share name (WINPRINT, say). Now supposedly that
    >should make it available for Linux printing without further ado under the
    >name WINPRINT@HOST, but I have not been able to get that to work.
    >So what you need to do is to create an appropriate printer (let's call it
    >on the Linux client such that printing to that printer will cause the print
    >file to print on the Windows server. There are three ways to create the
    >printer: using the CUPS configurator via the local webpage http://
    >localhost:631/admin, using Yast2 via Hardware / Printer, or adding the
    >necessary entries to the file /etc/cups/printers.conf.
    >Using Yast2, you choose to add a printer named WPR. The critical choice is
    >the next one, where you select to print via an SMB network server; the
    >following choices are straightforward.
    >Using the CUPS configurator, you choose Add Printer, then set the name as WPR
    >and the location as the hostname of the Windows machine (I'm not sure if
    >that's really necessary, though). For the device, choose Windows Printer via
    >Samba. For the Device URI, choose
    > smb://workgroup/HOST/WINPRINTER
    >(you can usually omit the workgroup, though). The rest is straightforward.
    >For the case of a Linux server and a Windows client, the configuration is
    >done via the Samba configuration program SWAT, available as a webpage at
    >http://localhost:901. (Bug: you may need to run /etc/init.d/xinit restart to
    >get SWAT to work.) You should create a spooling directory at /var/spool/
    >samba with all permissions turned on and the sticky bit (t) set, though /tmp
    >can also be used for the spooling directory. Now go to the PRINTERS section
    >and create a printer with the same name as the Linux printer you want to
    >print on. Using any other name won't work. (The name is the same one you'd
    >use in an lpr command.) Set the path to /var/spool/samba. Note that this is
    >the path of the spool directory, not of the printer itself; /dev/lp0 will
    >*not* work here. Set "guest OK", "printable", "browseable", and "available"
    >all to "yes" and "printing to "CUPS". Now you can create the printer.
    >Next, go to the GLOBALS section of SWAT and under Printing Options, set the
    >printcap name to CUPS and printing to cups. Confirm the changes and you're
    >ready to print to your new printer.
    >To do all this under Yast2 (not possible in pre-9.0 versions of Yast2),
    >you go
    >to the Samba Server section of Network Services, then Next, then Advanced,
    >then Add. Then add the new printer, again with the same name as the Linux
    >printer you want to print on. The path should be /var/spool/samba as with
    >Now for the Windows side. Bring up Network Neighborhood, then look at the
    >available hosts. One of them should be your Linux machine. Click on that to
    >see what's available. The name of your printer should appear. Right-click
    >on that, then choose Install. The rest should be straightforward, and you'll
    >have a new printer in the Printers section of Control Panel.
    >Paul Abrahams
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