[SLE] Correct AutoYast control file setup?

From: Johnny Ernst Nielsen (johnny.ernst.nielsen_at_get2net.dk)
Date: 03/11/04

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    To: "SuSE-Linux-E" <suse-linux-e@suse.com>
    Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 16:07:07 +0100

    Good day,

    I am playing around with AutoYast2 in SuSE 9.0

    I have a drive with 7 exsisting partitions - /dev/hda1-7
    I do not want to create any partitions -- they are all created
    already. I just want to reuse some of them for a testing system.
    I want to format partitions 2 and 6 with ext3, and reuse partition 3
    as swap without formating it.
    I want to keep all the other partitions untouched (1,4-5,7). They
    contain data I want to keep (the production system).

    Is this the way to do it in the autoinstall control file?:

    <partitioning config:type="list">
        <partitions config:type="list">
            <create config:type="boolean">false</create>
            <format config:type="boolean">true</format>
            <filesystem config:type="symbol">ext3</filesystem>
            <partition_nr config:type="integer">2</partition_nr>
            <create config:type="boolean">false</create>
            <format config:type="boolean">false</format>
            <filesystem config:type="symbol">swap</filesystem>
            <partition_nr config:type="integer">3</partition_nr>
            <create config:type="boolean">false</create>
            <format config:type="boolean">true</format>
            <filesystem config:type="symbol">ext3</filesystem>
            <partition_nr config:type="integer">6</partition_nr>

    Or do I have to specifically specify something for the partitions I
    want kept untouched?

    I have read the documentation for AutoYast, but am not 100% sure if I
    have it right, so I am asking here to avoid as many problems as
    possible before I push "The Big Red Button".

    Best regards :o)

    Johnny :o)

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