Re: [SLE] running CGI scripts written in notepad

From: Damon Register (
Date: 03/16/04

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    Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 06:56:04 -0500

    ged suse wrote:

    > I'm currently learning CGI programming with perl and have built up a webserver
    I would like to learn that too.

    > If I write a perl script on a windows machine, then copy it onto my Linux
    > server via Samba, then move the script into my cgi-bin folder, I get an error
    Finally here is one I can answer. I still consider myself as a novice
    so many of the questions are beyond me. This is your problem: MS and
    Linux handle end of line differently, though I don't remember which is
    which. If you use Samba, the file will not get converted properly.
    There are two ways I know of to fix the problem
    1. use FTP in ASCII mode to transfer the file
    2. fix Samba transfered file on Linux side using pico.

        pico -w yourscript.cgi

        ctrl +o to save it

        ctrl +x to exit

    Hope this helps

    Damon Register

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