Re: [SLE] docs for remote administration with VNC?

From: Jerome R. Westrick (
Date: 03/19/04

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    Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 20:55:46 +0100

    Interesting that must have changed with 9.0?

    There used to be some notes on VNC in the release notes,
    and additional documentation in /usr/share/doc/packages/vnc
    not there anymore, and tighvnc only has the readme, not the
    expected readme.SuSE

    Okay, a short run down on what the nice guys at SuSE have done for you:

    They've setup tightvnc as a "Terminal Server". Ie see the file
    /etc/xinet.d/vnc... (I usually add entries there for higher

    Oh, BTW, the entry for 1280x1024 is incorrrect!


    On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 10:40, Phil Mocek wrote:
    > I'm a long-time Debian user but SuSE is new to me, and I'm having
    > a really difficult time finding SuSE documentation. I'm used to a
    > system where most packages have fairly extensive documentation
    > under /usr/share/doc, and for which very specific policies
    > regarding ``how to do stuff'' with the distribution are available
    > at one site on the Web.
    > Several times over the course of my installation of SuSE 9.0, I've
    > gone to the places I'd expect to find documentation and turned up
    > little to nothing or outdated information. Perhaps I'm looking in
    > the wrong places?
    > Case in point: When installing SuSE on this box I'm building, I
    > was able to specify that YaST should allow remote administration
    > over VNC. However, I can't find any information about this.
    > SuSE's knowledge base turns up *nothing* relevant: a keyword
    > search for ``vnc'',
    > <>
    > returns an article on remote *installation* with vnc for SuSE 8.1.
    > A full-text search,
    > <>
    > returns three additional articles, none of which are relevant.
    > The only files under /usr/share/doc on my system (which does have
    > suselinux-adminguide_en installed) that contain the string `vnc'
    > or `VNC' are:
    > /usr/share/doc/packages/lilo/user.pdf
    > /usr/share/doc/packages/ncurses/terminfo.src
    > /usr/share/doc/packages/tightvnc/README
    > None of these is relevant.
    > Am I missing something?
    > --
    > Phil Mocek

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