Re: [SLE] Scanning problem in 9.1

From: Terje J. Hanssen (
Date: 05/25/04

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    Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 01:09:41 +0200

    Keith Powell wrote:
    > However, the main problem I have found is that I can't get my Epson 1240U
    > scanner to work. SUSE 9.0 found it and it worked perfectly.
    > If I run xsane or xscanimage, they can't find the scanner. So I have set
    > it up with YAST (installation didn't find it!). If I run xsane as a user, it
    > still can't find the scanner.
    > I'm lost! Has anyone else come across this problem, please?

    This looks to be a corresponding problem I have experienced. My Suse 9.1
    Pro/Yast2 don't find my Epson Perfection 1640 SCSI scanner.
    (Meantime I scan from my Sun Java Desktop System SJDS R2, pre-based on
    Suse 8.1, and which have no problem to find the scanner!)

    In fact Suse 9.1/Yast2 detects only 1 of my 3 SCSI devices connected to
    the controller. I think therefore this is rather a Suse 9.1 SCSI
    problem, as I have posted on another link on this forum (though without
    any response so far):

    I've also requested this problem to Suse Installation support, and I am
    waiting with interest on their reply and solution .......

    Terje J. Hanssen

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