Re: [SLE] statistical program for Linux

From: nick murphy (
Date: 06/05/04

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    Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 23:14:52 +0100

    Gary wrote:

    >Hi Guys,
    >Does anyone know of a statistical program that will run in Linux? I am
    >looking for one that will run the Heckman's Phase 2 model, as SPSS will not
    >run it. The only one I know of is SAS, but it is for windows only.. (costs a
    >lot of money too, and is prohibitive) <g>
    >thanks for any input.. I know it is a long-shot.
    Hi Gary
        I use JMP-in 5.1 from SAS. It is a general purpose statistical
    package that can do just about the same as SPSS. It can be bought on an
    academic license for less than $100, this is very favorable compared to
    the for commercial license cost.


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