Re: [SLE] Backups

From: Michael W Cocke (
Date: 07/11/04

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    Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 17:30:00 -0400

    On Sat, 10 Jul 2004 19:43:00 -0800, you wrote:

    >On Sat, 10 Jul 2004 3:08 AM, Mike Cocke wrote:
    >-Unless it's recently been changed. Mondo has a maximum of 50 media
    >-unless you build it with some optional switches.
    >-And you omitted DAR - the Disk ARchiver.
    >-(I suggest looking at DARomizer with DAR - it allows building the
    >-archive and burning to cd/dvd in parallel. Disclaimer: I wrote
    > I don't remember DAR coming through before, but maybe I just missed
    >it. I have added it to my list along with the web address you provided for
    >it. By the way, since you were the author (or a co-author) of DAR, what I'm
    >for from a backup is software that would make the following scenario

    I am in no way author or co-author of DAR. I wrote an add-on named
    DARomizer. I wouldn't mind being able to claim some of the credit -
    it's a nice piece of work - but cannot.

    >1) I run the software to back up my Linux partition(s)
    >2) I upgrade my system (say from 8.1 to 8.2, my situation)
    >3) I discover that my system is completely hosed as a result of the upgrade
    >4) I run the software to recover my Linux parttions(s)
    >5) I start up linux and I'm back to my old 8.1 system with everything just
    >like it was before I started at step 1)
    > Is this a reasonable scenario with DAR?

    Within limits, and depending on what you used for media, etc. For
    example, I had to do a bare metal restore from a DAR archive - here's
    the procedure I used.

    1) Install the desired version of linux from CD or DVD (you don't need
    to install all the packages, or worry overmuch about settings, because
    you'll be restoring in a few minutes, but letting the install program
    work out detected hardware and drivers is simpler than doing it
    2) Restore the DAR archive.

    Technically, I could have skipped step 1, using the recovery utilities
    from the distro disks, but in the event of a hardware fault (which was
    my problem), my procedure was actually faster and simpler.

    Hardware failure and recovery of an image onto different hardware is
    something every single image program that I looked at had problems
    with, ranging from the iffy to the complete failure. I'd recommend
    you make that a major point to test in your search.

    Ghost, Mondo, and Drive Image all had issues with that scenario. It
    really comes down to the hardware detection, driver updating, and
    plug&play support of ther OS itself. I wouldn't bet on any of the
    above under linux or windows at this point - especially if you're
    looking at potentially restoring to a different drive config
    (partition layout, geometry, etc.) than you had when you backed up.


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