[SLE] A few questions

From: Chadley Wilson (chadley_at_pinteq.co.za)
Date: 08/02/04

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    To: suse-linux-e@suse.com
    Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 07:43:23 +0200


    I can't use locate in SUSE 9.1 Pro is there a reason why it isn't installed?

    The the naming of ifcfg-eth-<macaddres>
    I have read the reasoning behind the decision to name the devices this way and
    agree it makes sense, but my question is if I created my own ifcfg-eth0 would
    it also work. I don't want to change the default I am just curious, and don't
    want to break anything!

    I often like to run a programs such as the konqueror or nautilus when I just
    want to copy selected files, it works out a bit quicker than the command
    line. But when I open a shell and su - and run konqueror as root from from
    shell it doesn't work, I get a "can't open Display :0 error", Is there a good
    reason for this or is there a fix. I also noticed that xhost + as root gives
    me a similar error. Could be related.

    Then I noticed that suse 9.1 is very much slower than any other distro I have
    ever installed. If I start to write a cd in k3b my sound hacks and open
    office behaves as if there are no resources available.
    I was checking my swap space and then I relised there is no activity on swap!?
    Using the Kde System Guard, it reports 0kb used and 0kb free, I tried to run
    swapon but it swears at me so I assume it is already running but then free
    space should be 1 gig. But then on the other hand the system does have 760
    MB ram. I do hope it is broken as It would make my PC faster if it were
    working. And the I have something to fix :=}.

    This is a pain, because I like to setup my config files myself, but am to
    scared to tamper the files created by YAST, they have lines in them I have
    not learnt about yet. So a job that usually took me, say 30 secs is now
    taking two minutes because YAST takes so long to open, and every time I click
    an option a new window opens and that takes a while.
    Other things which are slow to respond is the volume control you decrease the
    volume slider and then the sound decreases shortly afterwards.

    Is suse using alsa? I see it in services but it doesn't work when I select it
    in xmms. And if alsa were running the volume sliders would respond instantly.
    I remeber that the volume sliders misbehaved this way with oss.

    Surley there must be a list of repositories some where. I have tried
    installing apt and now my system is broken, and I blame the fact that I had
    to try and solve the 500 dependencies manually.
    Now YOU is simply refusing to work through our firwall (it connects and starts
    updating and then starts swearing about this package and that package thats
    not found or something, unreliable really, and I have only got the default
    repos in there, A list of other nice repos would be nice.
    Unfortunately I haven't the time in a day to sit here and resolve
    dependencies. There must be other repos available witch I can add to kpackage
    or one of the package managers that I can download a new version of Xine and
    libdvdcss2 for example and all the dependencies are handled by the app not
    Please don't swear at me and tell me to use google, I have been there done
    that got the t-shirt the cap and the jocks, There I only get noise! no repos!

    Shoo that was a lot said on a monday morning.

    Thanks for reading


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