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From: Chadley Wilson (chadley_at_pinteq.co.za)
Date: 08/30/04

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    Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 08:41:40 +0100


    I have had a rough time,
    Surely there is a site with addon packages for suse, like mixxx,
    celestia, gkrellm, themes, skins, kjofol skins,xmms skins and plugins,
    xine/mplayer skins and plugins etc
    I don't want to have to download rpms one by one and fight dependencies,
    I know how to install rpms, I have passed that point in my life, I would
    rather spend the time using the programs now.So I would rather add a
    repository to YOU, and let that download and install stuff for me.
    Since I was a fedora/Debian freak and apt is too much dependency
    battling to install.
    I would like to know what repos are out there. google just returns
    threads from this list and some others. You guys must have repos that
    you are using.
    Whats the big secret here, come on guys share them. Help a fellow Linux

    Chadley Wilson
    Production Line Supervisor
    Pinnacle Micro / Pinteq PTY(LTD)
    Penguin Power
    RHCE in the making
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