Re: [SLE] Novell kit 9.1 running 2.4 not 2.6??

From: David T-G (
Date: 09/07/04

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    Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 05:37:33 -0400
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    Vince, at al --

    ...and then Vince Negri said...
    % > So why does the thing boot into 2.4.21, apparently from my hda2 9.0
    % slice??
    % Because your lilo.conf is pointing to
    % /boot/vmlinuz for both 9.0 and 9.1.

    Eh? *duh*

    % The /boot referred to in lilo.conf is *not* the /boot folder
    % that is in place when the system is booted, but the /boot
    % folder that is in place *at the moment lilo is run.* So that
    % /boot/vmlinuz gets parsed as the same kernel in all cases

    Aha! Oh! I get it now! How very interesting.

    % Did you, perhaps, get a YOU kernel update for 9.0 recently? With
    % the lilo.conf you have, that would end up with all suse's booting
    % the same kernel.

    I did, and YOU tells me that another is on the way.

    % To avoid a total descent into madness :) you either need to
    % a) switch to GRUB or

    Bleah. Never. Ugh. Well, OK, maybe not 'never', but 'only when I can
    do the equivalent of "lilo -R suse91" will I try it again'. I very
    definitely did not like it.

    % b) fix your lilo.conf.

    Easy enough and much better for my situation.

    % For b), you would need to edit your fstab so that your 9.0 install
    % mounted hda1 (read-only) at some directory, say
    % /mnt/suse91, and then your lilo.conf would end with
    % image = /mnt/suse91/boot/vmlinuz
    % label = suse91
    % initrd = /mnt/suse91/boot/initrd
    % ..etc..

    Got ya. And this never bit me before because I usually run one SuSE and
    a few non-Linuxes and, in the case when I do run multiple Linuxes, I
    generally have them all mounted :-)

    % Then re-running lilo from suse9.0 would fix everything.
    % I hope this makes sense!

    It does; it makes perfect sense (especially now that I've learned
    something new), and I'm quite grateful. I'll have to try it out later
    but I sure look forward to doing so!

    % However, you haven't said what bootloader setup you asked
    % for when installing 9.1. Did you tell yast not to install a
    % bootloader, because you intended all along to boot via
    % your original lilo setup?

    Yep; that's exactly right. This is just a temporary install in swap; I
    didn't want to switch boot loader partitions as well.

    Thanks again & HAND


    David T-G      Shpx gur Pbzzhavpngvbaf Qrprapl Npg!

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