Re: [SLE] Website won't stay open with Mozilla. Where to begin looking for a fix?

From: peter Nikolic (
Date: 10/05/04

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    Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 09:37:57 +0100

    On Tuesday 05 Oct 2004 01:32, Gil Weber wrote:
    > I'm using SuSE 9.1 pro and Mozilla 1.6. For months I have had no problems.
    > Then about 2 weeks ago I started having problems with one website. Other
    > than regular updates using the Yast2 on-line update feature and RedCarpet
    > (KDE and Pacman updates only), I have not made any changes. To the best of
    > my knowledge I have not changed any settings.
    > When I go to this site -----> my
    > browser calls up the home page. No problem. Then when I click on any of the
    > discussion forums (for example, "General Discussion Forum"), that page
    > opens without problems.
    > Then....
    > If I click on any discussion thread within that forum (or on ANY discussion
    > thread in ANY other forum on this website), the page opens to the thread
    > but then Mozilla immediately closes.
    > This is the only website where I am having this problem. I don't have any
    > idea where to begin looking for a fix. I have contacted the webmaster but
    > he is a Windows person and can provide no assistance.
    > Any ideas, gurus?
    > Thanks!
    > Gil

    Try an updated version of Mozilla 1.7.3 off the mozilla site seems ok ,
    Just tried the site in question works ok .

    Sorry if this appears twice looks like BT are playing tricks again one of
    these days people are going to leave things be but someone does not like me
    connecting with Linux and they WILL get toasted /fried/baked/burnt soon.

    Pete .

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