[SLE] SuSE 9.2 and sendmail

From: Alfredo Cole (alfredo_at_clshonduras.com)
Date: 12/12/04

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    To: suse-linux-e@suse.com
    Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 15:02:59 -0600


    I have upgraded my mail server to SuSE 9.2 and sendmail as provided in SuSE's
    disks. The problem is my users can no longer pop their email, since kmail
    responds with a "Unknown AUTHORIZATION state command" error. Trying to add a
    ssl certificate also results in an error. Mail is leaving to its intended
    destination, so SMTP is working, and local mail is handled correctly. I think
    it has to do with plain text passwords no longer beeing allowed. Telnet to
    myserver.com port 110, and issuing user username yields:

    -ERR Unknown AUTHORIZATION state command

    I have searched the archives, and although this problem has been reported, I
    could not find a definitive answer. Can somebody point to reading that would
    solve this problem?

    Thank you.

    Alfredo J. Cole
    Grupo ACyC
    www.acyc.com - www.clshonduras.com - SolCom - www.acycdomains.com
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