[SLE] how to securely mount a remote filesystem via internet

From: Heupink, Mourik Jan C. (Heupink_at_INTECH.UNU.EDU)
Date: 12/15/04

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    To: suse-linux-e@suse.com
    Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 10:41:16 +0100

    dear list. :)

    This will probably be a very simple question, with a very obvious answer to
    all of you, but not to me.

    I would like to securely mount a (part of a) filesystem of another (suse)
    linux server via the internet. So that copying files to that certain mount
    point, actually means: copying that file to a server far away in another
    country. Clear..?

    I've done some searching, and these seem to be options:
    - nfs (seems to be unsafe (except when over vpn))
    - ssh (file transfer possible, but mounting as filesystem not)
    - lufs (enables you to mount ftp/ssh locations in filesystem, but requires
    kermnel recompile)

    So, what do you people here use? And what is the 'recommened' way to do
    this? BTW: i can do whatever I want also on the remote machine, it's 'my'
    machine, so any configuration is possible. And yes: both sides have very
    decent internet connections.

    Thanks very much in advance,

    Mourik Jan

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