[SLE] WIFI problem on laptop with SUSE 9.1

Date: 12/23/04

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    Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 15:59:44 -0600
    To: SUSE Linux Mailing List <"suse-linux-e "@suse.com>

    Happy Holidays to All,

    I have been running SUSE 9.1 on my Dell C640 laptop for several months.
    The internal WIFI card (TrueMobile 1150 Series PC Card) is always
    detected and the kernel loads orinoco_cs on every boot. The problem is
    that an interface (should be eth1 as eth0 is the internal ethernet
    adapter) is not created unless the laptop is in close proximity to the
    access point and the WIFI configuration is correct for that AP. For
    example, when configured for my home network, the laptop will not create
    eth1 if booted in the living room (fairly weak signal) but will create
    eth1 when started in the office (strong signal). As the card is PCMCIA,
    I have tried "cardctl ident" when the interface is missing and the card
    is correctly identified. Running "cardctl reset" or with consecutive
    "eject" and "insert" has no effect. Changing the Network Device
    configuration in Yast correctly saves the modified config, but does not
    restart the interface (maybe because there is no interface?) Does
    anyone have any ideas for me?


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