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From: Ted Hilts (
Date: 01/02/05

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    Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 16:45:08 -0700
    To: C Hamel <>,,

    I don't know what SuSE distribution you are running -- I came in late on
    your problem and
    perhaps I should not say anything at all. But for what it is worth, here
    goes! First your subject
    should give an idea of the problem and that might alert the appropriate
    expertise in responding
    to your problem. It's hard to do that but you should give it a try if my
    suggestions don't work.

    I do know that there is a serious problem with wvdial for version 9.1
    which causes a "NULL" problem of some sort. If you are just running the
    desktop version you might not be aware of
    this problem. If you have this problem you can find an associated
    "NULL" error message
    near the end of your /var/log/boot.msg file. If so, then you need to
    use YAST and download the patch. This error for some reason or another
    has a domino error affect on some of your services that work in
    conjunction with the portmap daemon.

    Another possibility is that you have inadvertently installed some
    software that may be causing a
    conflict -- perhaps the very package for which you are having a problem.
     You may have to
    compile the binary from source rather than unwrapping a binary from an
    RPM file. It's worth the
    trouble to set yourself up a small development space on your Linux
    installation so that you can
    get familiar with doing that sort of thing. I used to get support help
    from a guy who would first
    try the configuration route and if that did not work he would waste no
    more time and agony and
    he went directly to getting the appropriate source code and simply
    recompiled the application. Of
    course he had a lot of experience and contacts and knew how to read the
    compilation messages
    to ensure he was getting a working installation. If you go this route
    there are lots of experienced
    people on the list that will help you along and maybe even get you
    started. They like the kind of
    challenge where they can help and learn at the same time. It's only
    rocket science until you get into
    it and get your feet wet. Maybe (if you can't get hylafax working and no
    one responds) delay it
    and do some simple compile development exercises until you gain the
    needed expertise.

    That error message you are getting is a dead give away for someone that
    understands exactly
    what it means. I don't! But I do know that the message is pointing
    directly at some kind of
    incompatibility. Perhaps someone else on the list can guide you through
    a compile config and build
    process that will ensure a working HylaFAX installation. What everyone
    seems to forget is that
    these binaries coming from SuSE are dependent upon the SuSE development
    environment and
    you may be missing some aspect of that environment. But first you need
    to identify the kernel,
    and make sure that you get the appropriate application source code (if
    available) that will
    successfully compile with your kernel.

    If this applies then try [SLE] Hylafax compile pblm (kernel 2.6.x, dist
    9.2 and that sort of thing in your subject). The subject format is
    [SLE] application, process, prblm, essential details. In your
    text you do as you have, provide details of what you have done.

    Just some ideas that might boost you into some real meaningful help from
    the list.

    Don't get discouraged

    C Hamel wrote:

    >After far more Googling than I'd previously done, I found some help in
    >Getting HylaFax configured. There is still one problem left ..and perhaps
    >only one: the modem will not dial after having been auto-configured.
    >I get the following hint in the logs:
    >Jan 1 11:20:24 linux HylaFAX[5331]: Filesystem has SysV-style file creation
    >Jan 1 11:20:24 linux FaxQueuer[4358]: SUBMIT JOB 1
    >Jan 1 11:20:24 linux FaxQueuer[4358]: Missing ':' separator in modem group
    >I have no idea where that missing ':' might belong! I have checked
    >out some files referring to various mfrs and found nothing obvious. Since
    >those files are furnished in the pkg I would presume them to be correct.
    >Anyone else experienced this --or, perhaps, know to what it is referring??
    > --
    >..."Yogi" CH
    >Namasté Yoga Studio

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