Re: [SLE] Duelling SAMBAs

From: elefino (
Date: 01/04/05

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    Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 08:10:48 -0500

    On Monday 03 January 2005 23:45, Örn Einar Hansen wrote:
    > Şann Şriğjudagur 04 janúar 2005 03:15 skrifaği elefino:
    > > I've only heard from half a dozen people on this thread, and among
    > > them they disagree about whether NFS takes the computer to lunch when
    > > another NFS server goes away. Surely out of the hundreds or thousands
    > > of members of this list, there must be more than a few who have two
    > > Linux boxes sharing files/directories across a simple home network.
    > > What are all the rest of you doing?
    > This is a bit different, than you what you stated originally, where
    > you said the upstairs was up all the time ... if neither machine is up
    > all the time, you're reduced to using something like samba as a server
    > on both, where you simply browse to the shares you want to use. The
    > "preferred" way, is to use one as a server and have the other share it's
    > resources, thus reducing bandwidth and overhead ... using both as
    > servers that may or may not be present at any given moment where
    > write/read is attempted, reduces their value as desktop workstations and
    > limits your options.

    Upstairs is up most of the time, by my choice. However, it is also the PC
    on which I learn about anything new (to me) like this NFS stuff and
    like SAMBA that no longer works for me (since 9.2 and the replacement
    PC downstairs). That means I may screw up my system for days at a time...
    look how long this simple task is taking me. Not knowing what-all services
    and things are really involved, whenever I change settings and try again
    to get NFS or SAMBA to serve... I shutdown and restart in order to be
    absolutely sure that services and daemons and things get restarted with
    new values. That's overkill, and not the Linux way, but it saves two weeks
    of turnaround where somebody finally points out to me that I'd been
    overlooking some service/daemon with a one-letter name that was
    absolutely crucial to what I'd been trying to do, but wasn't mentioned in
    the docs that I'd seen.

    If my wife was constrained to wait for me to get my act together each
    time she wanted to work on her own PC (because I held all the shared
    files and had screwed up my PC again), she'd be justifiably ready to kill

    What I should probably do is to set up a third PC, as server, on which
    I conservatively make no changes until I've learned how on my desktop
    PC, but that's not really an option just now.

    So, you seem to be saying that I should drop my recent enthusiasm
    for NFS and go back to sorting out SAMBA for both the Linux-to-Win98
    and the Linux-to-Linux situations? If that's the recommendation, I'll
    be going back to your long SAMBA post of the other day, for which detail
    I thank you very much.


    kevin (still an isolated island in a tiny pond)

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