[SLE] Gimp 2.2.2 build?

From: BandiPat (penguin0601_at_earthlink.net)
Date: 01/15/05

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    To: SuSE Linux List <suse-linux-e@suse.com>
    Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 22:39:39 -0500

    Hi all,
    Trying to get the new Gimp compiled, but seem to be running into some
    road blocks. One of the reasons I'm doing it is because it seems that
    SuSE has disabled the preview feature in the file browser. Not sure
    why yet, but from what I can tell that seems to be the reason it's not
    working on the 2.0.4 version included with 9.2!

    Now a couple of questions for you guys. Has someone successfully
    compiled the new version yet? Are there rpms available for SuSE 9.2
    lying around somewhere?

    In my attempts to compile, I'm getting some odd errors on files that are
    installed. Now I'm not sure if Gimp requires newer GTK/2 files or not
    to build. I'm still working with the 9.2 installed files, so I'm
    suspecting newer 2.8 stuff might be needed to get the compile to work?

    Thoughts, suggestions?


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