Re: [SLE] Win4Lin Pro: Will it keep XP and IE6 vulnerabities secure from attack?

From: Raoul Snyman (
Date: 03/02/05

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    Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 22:29:56 +0200
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    AndyYankovich wrote:
    | Does this sound correct to you guys?
    | Will 'installing' Win XP into Win4Lin Pro (is that terminology correct?)
    | open my Linux system to Windows' vulnerability to viruses and other bad
    | things? The "virtual sandbox" discussed in paragraph two would contain,
    | in my case, only WinXP (including IE6) and the Libronix Bible software.
    | Since I write some biblical-thought papers, I would need a word
    | processor available to extract and assimilate info from various Bible
    | versions and many commentaries. would work OK but would
    | be outside my "virtual sandbox".
    | I don't know enough about how "vulnerabilities" are exploited to know if
    | my computer system would be open to attack if I would use Win4Lin Pro
    | this way. What do you much more knowlegeable people think?
    | Many thanks for reading thru all this and for any help you may give.
    | Andy

    A few things... firstly, according to a friend of mine, Win4Lin Pro is
    EXTREMELY slow. He says that one might as well use Qemu, since it's
    faster and it's open source, if you're looking to actually run Windows.
    Secondly, why not just install ie6 into wine and see if the program
    works. I've installed ie6 into wine before, and it worked fine.
    Thirdly, what they say is correct. Win4Lin is basically a computer
    emulater. It pretends it's a PC, so that you can install Windows on it.
    what this means is that if any viruses do get into your Windows
    installation in Win4Lin, they just mess that up. Windows viruses cannot
    and do not work in Linux. See
    for more details.

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