[SLE] 9.3: keyboard, zip disks, mounting encrypted FS, KDE Samba

Date: 06/11/05

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    Date: 11 Jun 2005 21:29:47 +0100
    To: suse-linux-e@suse.com

    Hello All,

    I'm a "beginner skilled" user of Linux and I recently installed the
    9.3 distribution.

    Everything went fine during the installation, but a few things seem wrong
    or stuck me now the installation and online update is completed:

    - The keyboard does no more work properly (missing keys, like the "@")
      It appears that X keyboard cannot be configured properly and switch
      back to a default setting.
      Using SaX2, I got the following error message:

        (WW) MGA(0): Option "CalcAlgorithm" is not used
        (EE) Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap

      And from a console, the command "setxkbmap -v 10" return this:

        Setting verbose level to 10
        locale is C
        Applied rules from xfree86:
        model: pc104
        layout: be
        variant: basic
        Trying to build keymap using the following components:
        keycodes: sfree86+aliases(azerty)
        types: complete
        compat: complete
        symbols: pc/pc(104)+pc/be(basic)
        geometry: pc(pc104)
        Error loading new keyboard description

      This problem has been submitted to the Suse support team and is
      being investigated. Hopefully, this should be fixed soon.
      In the meantime (It's now a week I have to cut-and-paste the
      characters I can't produce with my keyboard), anyone has an idea ?
      (My keyboard is a Mitsumi 105 keys, Belgium layout, model KFKEA5SA)

    - Zip Disks (IOmega).
      Here is another request I sent to the Suse support team, but there
      will be no follow-up for this one (as "configuration of ZIP drives is
      not supported through the terms of the installation support"):

      As I understand, a (Iomega) ZIP disk is automatically mounted when you
      first access to it.
      But when I have finished using the disk, I cannot eject it. I tried
      to unmount it (as user), and got the error message that the device is
      probably mounted multiple time (?), and it failed. I have to unmount
      the ZIP drive as root to be able to eject the disk (then I can insert
      and eject other zip disks as normal).
      In fstab, here is the entry:

     /dev/hdd4 /media/zip auto noauto,user 0 0

      but in mtab, there are two entries (after the ZIP disk is first mounted):

     /dev/hdd4 /media/zip subfs rw,nosuid,nodev,sync,fs=floppyfss,procuid 0 0
     /dev/hdd4 /media/zip vfat rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,user=amigaphil 0 0

      Where should I look to find the origin of the "excessive" mounting ?
      What should I modify/remove to be able to use the ZIP disk like
      a floppy disk, or at least not having to unmount the drive as root
      to be able to eject it ?

    - Mounting an encrypted FS in a file (at a mouse click)
      I have successfully created a encrypted filesystem in a file and I
      can mount/unmount it from a console.

      I wonder if there is a way to configure e.g. KDiskFree to make it
      prompt for the password when I try to mount the encrypted file ?
      Or is there a better way to mount/unmount it using GUI ? An icon
      on the desktop ?

    - Samba / KDE
      I'm trying to access my second computer using the KDE Samba client,
      but I'm getting all sorts of errors like "connection timeout", ...

      Is KDE/Samba reliable or should I configure my Suse/Linux machine
      as a Samba server ?

      Note: When I was using the 8.0 distribution, I found that the best
      (stable) way to access my Amiga computer shares was to mount the
      shares using LinNeighborghood (which is no more part of the 9.3)
      I believe the Samba support has improve in recent distributions,
      so I think I should still be able to access my Amiga shares now.
      I would like to see the shares being mounted (if the remote
      computer is available) as I log in as user.

    That's all for now ;-)


    AmigaPhil, world citizen. _No MS-HTML mail please_ PGP key: 0x9C07F6C1

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