[SLE] Universal trash ? & Log in prob.

From: B. Stia (usr_at_sanctum.com)
Date: 06/16/05

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    To: suse-linux-e@suse.com
    Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 00:18:47 -0400

    Hello SuSE people.

    First of all reunning 9.2 & KDE 3.4

    Universal trash is a question/warning for others. The log in problem is
    related/caused by that which I don't know how to fix.

    A little long-winded but necessary to understand the problem. History
    is: A few nights ago I ripped a movie DVD. When I finished I put the 7
    gig file in the trash. Last night I started to do a Kdar backup and
    started to get error messages. One being that /tmp was full and
    couldn't proceed. I have /tmp set to empty every time I boot up so I
    just rebooted. After the reboot, SuSE brings me to a screen message
    that says / directory is full and KDE is unable to start. I drop down
    to init 3 and look at the /tmp & / directories and find nothing
    obvious. Then I boot from the DVD and do a system repair. Still nothing
    obvious. My / directory is 2 gig and is normally about 20% used.
    After several hours of this I just start trying different things to
    empty those directories. /tmp IS empty after the reboot except for the
    normal boot stuff. Just the / directory is 100% full. I finally see
    the huge trash files and empty the trash for all 3 users AND root! That
    empties my / directory. Hence the question/warning. How is it
    possible that trash can be in root's trashcan?? Is the trash universal
    with all users?

    Anyway, that returned my / directory to normal and I reboot. Now I get
    to the log in screen and attempt to log in as my normal user. X starts
    it's thing and I am dumped back to the log in screen. I try the other
    users and they work normally and bring up their KDE screens. Only I
    cannot log in this way. I have to drop back to init 3 log in and then
    startx. Then I get my normal KDE screen.

    Why only me? and how do I go about fixing that ?

    Bob S.

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