Re: [SLE] linux firewall or SUSE

From: Richard Bos (
Date: 06/26/05

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    Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 00:01:44 +0200

    Op zaterdag 25 juni 2005 12:48, schreef Anders Norrbring:
    > Is there a side-by-side comparison available somewhere?

    I found this
    Since I recently reviewed ClarkConnect-another free Open Source firewall-I
    thought I'd offer a few points of comparison. The biggest difference between
    the two is that Smoothwall is designed to be a dedicated firewall only, while
    ClarkConnect can be a firewall, a server, or both. On the other hand, both
    distros are alike in that they are designed to be administered from a web
    based configuration utility.

    But I think Smoothwall's web interface is a little better laid out and easier
    to navigate than ClarkConnect's. And I found Smoothwall's online help system
    to be more helpful and complete than Clarkconnect's method of putting general
    descriptions alongside configuration options. In the end, both distros are
    reliable and will get the job done, while at the same time being easy for
    almost anyone to get up and running.

    Richard Bos
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