Re: [SLE] Just installed 9.3 and having some problems with video card and monitor -- any ideas?

From: Matt Hurd (
Date: 08/10/05

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    Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 16:45:30 +1000
    To: Gil Weber <>

    >Gil Weber <> wrote:
    > I am really interested in finding out if anyone has had success with any PCI
    > video card. Maybe this entire exercise has been doomed from the start? If so,
    > at least we've all learned something! :o)

    I use both PCI express slots for other cards on my workstations here
    and use PCI nvidia cards on Suse 9.3 x86-64 somewhat happily. I tried
    Matrox quad mms pci cards but they don't work under x86-64 with
    multiple screens and Matrox don't care. The PCI nvidia ( XpertVision
    FX 5200 PCI ) ones I'm using now use dual screens happily. Portrait
    mode not being supported in twinview by the nvidia driver is my only


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